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Be it achieving a better bottom line in business or reaching personal goals, any one of Frank’s powerful presentations, not only motivates his audiences to reach for the stars, but provide a helpful “how to” road map.


With hope – all things become possible.
With hope, one has the courage to change the present into a very different future.
With hope, dreams are possible;
With hope one has the persistence to follow the dream and
With hope one can – and will – become much more than you ever dreamed possible.

Frank demonstrates this power of hope by using his own story and experiences of hope, courage, change and persistence. Humble yet powerful, Frank relates how he went from the bowery, panhandling for nickels and dimes not so many years ago, to the successes he has achieved today.

This is truly a motivational story. Audiences from all walks of life identify with this very real story of achievement, and Frank’s warm style convinces his audiences that he is speaking directly to them.


Frank shares with his audience how he started his various businesses. First, the engaging story of the early years of the Second Cup gives his listeners the inside story on the growth of a Canadian retail landmark.
Then he talks about some of the challenges he overcame in starting Proshred Security, a document shredding service, today a national business stretching across Canada and into the USA and Europe, but one that his potential clients in the early days didn’t even think they needed.

Bringing his entrepreneurial spirit to the not-for-profit sector, Frank’s listeners will hear about the serendipitous meeting that became Street Kids International, and how the War Child (Canada) came into existence, and how a late-night phone call from the Minister of External Affairs became the Canadian Landmine Foundation.

Tying all this together with his view on the three fundamentals that made all this work for him, Frank leaves his audience with fine examples of where one person can go, and provides a roadmap on how to get there.

Blue Ocean Strategy

Frank O’Dea introduces his audience to the powerful theory and practical applications of Blue Ocean Strategy – creating uncontested market space. These concepts are based on fifteen years of research across thirty industries by Professors W. Chan Kim and Renee Mauborgne of the European business school, INSEAD.
In today’s overcrowded markets, competing head-to-head and searching for competitive advantage results in nothing but a bloody" red ocean" of rivals fighting for a shrinking pool of profit.

Frank talks about a radically different way of thinking about business strategy, and he outlines the how companies have created "blue oceans" by challenging conventional assumptions about their industries and making the competition irrelevant. With actual examples of these companies that have created uncontested market space by rewriting the rules of established industries, Frank’s presentation shows his audience that the methodology exists, along with the tools, for companies to create their own “blue oceans.”

His message was compelling and powerful, he had every person's full attention from the moment he started until he stepped down from the podium. I think the standing ovation Frank received expressed the heart of everyone present.

The Salvation Army, Ontario Central-East Division
Janet Park

As I shared with you, listening to Frank's outstanding (and inspirational) presentation was one of the most memorable highlights of my entire trip to the DSA - Canada Conference.


“Frank’s talk and his example have changed the way we approach our business here.”

CIBC Wood Gundy.
London, J. S. Croix

“Your excellent review of Blue Ocean Strategy was certainly informative, relevant and one of the conference highlights.  Your inspiring presentation was very thought-provoking and gave the delegates the tools they need to being thinking about their own blue oceans.”

Nonprescription Drug Manufacturers Association of Canada (NDMAC),
S. Sheney

The feedback was very positive, the guests really like Frank's presentation and it initiated a lot of conversation at the tables

Deloitte Touche LLP.,
J. Donaldson

A speech by Frank O'Dea will be a highlight of your event.


Frank's inspiring story is retold in his best-selling memoir "When All You Have is Hope", available in bookstores and online. Buy a copy for someone who is important to you.

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