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A leading trainer in Ottawa, surprised clients and colleagues when she expanded into the realm of successful keynote speaking recently.
May 22nd, 2014

My good friend, Francine Provost, who is one of the top trainers in Ottawa, moved into the realm of keynote speaking when she was called upon to deliver the keynote address at the AGM of the Project Management Institute in Ottawa last week. For the past 15 years Francine Provost has been the person that management calls in to bring their teams back together when they become dysfunctional. In her very successful keynote, Provost used wonderful and sometimes amusing stories describing the elements of dysfunctional teams and the solutions that got them back on track. This was an entertaining and educational keynote that would be for anyone who has ever had to manage a team of people.

For more about Francine Provost, visit her site at www.ekipteam.ca  or contact her at 819-772-4480 or fprovost@ekipteam.ca

Here is a glowing comment from one of the organizers:

Francine Provost was a pleasure to work with. Her professionalism, energy and enthusiasm are inspiring.  She had a challenge ahead of her as her presentation was on a Friday night, after the participants had all worked the week, attended the AGM meeting and just finished dinner, so it speaks volumes of how engaging she is as all of the participants were focused on her, listening actively and participating. Her content was relevant and very interesting. I think she was a perfect fit for this event. Thank you for putting us in touch with her.

C. Martin Project Management Institute, Ottawa

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