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Do not seek advice from the dumbest person in the room
April 8th, 2015

Do not seek advice from the dumbest person in the room

The cover story of the latest issue of divorce magazine is “Do The Next Right Thing”. It is written by Frank O’Dea, which is certainly novel, given that he is known as a very successful businessperson, humanitarian, founder of the Second Cup and former homeless man.  Nevertheless, the magazine publisher wanted Frank to share with the readers how he was able do the next right thing, amid all of the crises and adversity that he has faced. “Fight or flight works well when the choice is either eat or be eaten, but not so well when the threat is essentially emotional – and that’s at the core of most personal crises we encounter,” O’Dea points out. “Too often, your intelligence is overwhelmed by your emotions in the middle of a personal crisis. When neither flight nor fight is appropriate, you are intellectually bereft. You become, in effect, the dumbest person in the room.” O’Dea’s article coaches readers how to “identify the next right thing to do” rather than leaping into action without adequate reflection.

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