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Yes, that is all very nice, but what are you doing now?
February 20th, 2014

Yes, that is all very nice, but what are you doing now?  is a question that Frank O’Dea gets during every Q & A when he is in front of business audiences. 

As you know, Frank’s business audiences are always impressed with his stories and experiences regarding the Second Cup and the other businesses that he founded. Equally, they love his humanitarian work with Street Kids International and The Canadian Landmine Foundation, but invariably they want to know about now.

For example, this came up at his recent speech to the Young Presidents Organization (YPO) as it did at a Century 21 event. I think that it comes from the desire of folks to get a preview of another success story, and I think it is also about relevance. I believe that they want to be reassured that they are learning from a speaker who is relevant to today’s business climate. 

So to answer that question, Frank’s current projects are: 1) Building large tracts of housing in Brazil, using Canadian technology with Brazilian and American partners 2) A Canada wide youth-employment venture that is not government funded. This is brand new and is at the beta stage and 3) he and Governor General David Johnston are working together on a project involving the Order in Canada for Canada’s 150th birthday in 2017.   

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