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Homelessness is a local, national and global issue. @CAEHomelessness @Habitat_org @HabitatforHumanityCanada
October 6th, 2016

Homelessness is a local, national and global issue. @CAEHomelessness @Habitat_org @HabitatforHumanityCanada

Homelessness is a local issue everywhere and is therefore a global issue. Vast numbers of people just don’t have a place to live. Frank O’Dea, the successful entrepreneur and former homeless panhandler knows full well about the hopelessness of having no place to live. He is often invited to speak at conferences, symposiums and fundraisers on the subject of homelessness. His experiences and insights are enlightening and inspiring. In addition, he takes direct action to help wherever opportunities arise.

He is currently developing affordable housing in Brazil. This is a project, using Canadian technology that started six years ago and is only now coming to fruition. We will have more news soon, but not too soon. Things move slowly in Brazil, as his Brazilian partners keep reminding Frank. 

A speech by Frank O'Dea will be a highlight of your event.


Frank's inspiring story is retold in his best-selling memoir "When All You Have is Hope", available in bookstores and online. Buy a copy for someone who is important to you.

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